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Conetastic™ Packaging

In the big wide world of jewelrymaking findings, cones are a must, and it is always difficult to find just the right ones for your designs. Expensive too! Now you can make your own cones with all shapes of wires, in several wire gauges, and in the colors and sizes you want to truly customize your designs.

I designed Conetastic™ with both novices and experienced wireworkers in mind. You can fashion cones with a single wire or with multiple coiled wires in a variety of diameters and lengths with a minimum investment of time. Take a look at the Gallery of Designs I created using Conetastic™, including the newest accessories in the Conetastic™ Family, the five Bead-Cap-Cone mandrels ("Captastic").

Conetastic™ can be hand-held, placed in a table vise – even mounted in the universal chuck of a coiling tool or a cordless driver. My tool is built for me by the specialists at Beadalon/ArtisticWire® and is available for you to buy here and use in your own wirework.

Exclusively in my Store, you can order:

all packaged in my Signature Series box and including printed instructions along with links for free videos showing how to use the tool. (Free shipping within the U.S.)

Conetastic™ with Basic Mandrels
Bead-Cap-Cone Mandrels
Bead-Cap-Cone Mandrels
Hourglass and Inverted Mandrels
Hourglass and Inverted Mandrels
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Jewelry-making Kits

More Kits Using Conetastic™

Hourglass and Pearl Earrings

Hourglass and Pearl Earrings

Fashion these sensuous forms using hi-cut Austrian crystal pearls in any one of four colors (left-to-right: Powder Coat Green, Light Blue, Coral and Turquoise) using the Hourglass mandrel. The cost is $12.00 per kit, including mailing within the U.S. (You will need both original Conetastic™ and the Hourglass accessory to make these earrings: purchase above as my Signature Series.)

Each kit contains the following components:

  • Artistic Wire® - 20g, round or twist (in the color shown for your pearl selection)
  • Beadalon® Earwires with ring, silver or copper color (1 pair)
  • Balltip headpins, silver or copper color - 2” (2)
  • Hi-cut Austrian crystals, in the colors shown for your selection

Ice Cream Cone Earrings

Ice Cream Cone Earrings

Materials included:

  • Artistic Wire® - 26g, 11' - 12” pre-made coil, silver color
  • Artistic Wire® - 20g magenta or purple color (3 ft)
  • Hi-cut Austrian crystals, in the colors for your selection
  • Earwires – silver color (1 pair)
  • Headpins - 3-inch, silver color (3)
  • Bead bumpers – (2, optional)
The cost is $15.00 per kit, including mailing within the U.S.


Sparkle & Stone Cone Earrings

Sparkle and Stone Cone Earrings

Materials included:

  • Artistic Wire® - 18g, gold color (3 ft)
  • Artistic Wire® - 20g olive, inserted into:
    1 pair 25mmx17mm stone leaf shape beads (Zebra Jasper)
  • Artistic Wire® jumprings - 18g (4)
  • Earwires, leverbacks - gold color (1 pair)
  • Balltip headpins - 23g, gold color, 2” (3, includes 1 extra)
  • Hi-cut Austrian crystals, wave pendant and bead, luminous green (1 each)
  • Hi-cut Austrian crystals, 6mm bicone, emerald AB (2); 4mm bicone, olivine AB (6)
The cost is $25.00 per kit, including mailing within the U.S.

Jewelry-making Instructions

Coiled Bangle Bracelets

Coiled Bangle Bracelets Coiled Bangle Bracelets

My instructions for Coiled Bangle Bracelets include over 20 photographs showing how to create a finished piece using your own sterling silver or colored copper wire, lampwork beads and other complementing beads. A list of the tools you will need is included. This is the same 8-page instruction booklet I have used in my workshops at Interweave Beadfest and in my favorite bead shop classes. Complete printed instructions with color photographs cost $25.00, including mailing within the U.S.