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Swarovski Inspirations

...from Swarovski’s Spring 2020 Highlights Collection...

Swarovski Spring #1 Swarovski Spring #2 Swarovski Spring #3 Swarovski Spring #4 Swarovski Spring #5 Swarovski Spring #6 Swarovski Spring #7 Swarovski Spring #8 Swarovski Spring #9 Swarovski Spring #9
Swarovski Spring #9
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Sun Worship Duo

Sun Worship Duo Project Sun Worship Duo Project


Conetastic Helen Driggs' Review Melissa Cable's Review

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Inverted and Hourglass Mandrels were recently added as Accessories to the original Conetastic™ concept, clever additions that allow the tool to work even harder for you. Pirlo Tv How to draw sun Otter drawing Draw Notebook Teleserye

Conetastic™ Tutorial

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Making Cones

Personal Instruction & Events

As we all continue to limit our social gatherings, there are currently no in-person classes scheduled.

There are many opportunities for on-line classes, and I plan to present my designs and instruction in a user-friendly virtual forum based on the rollout of my new Conetastic™ bead cap mandrels. The mandrels will be available on my website. Kits making use of Conetastic™ will also be for sale.

Video Instruction

Beads, Baubles and Jewels logo

Bend it, twist it, shape it, wear it. In my latest episode from the Beads, Baubles and Jewels Television show, watch as I warm-up by bending and shaping sheet metal using Conetastic™. The design is then enhanced with patterns, texture and color. View segments of this latest video and a sampling of others on my Video page.


Play Misty for Me

Lush Garden Necklaces display a palette of colors, textures, and shapes using vintage or contemporary themes.

View several of my other original creations on my design page and in the Gallery of Designs on the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads website.


Conetastic™ Signature Series, Kits and Instructions - all are available in my store. A free Hourglass and Pearl Earring Kit will be included with your purchase of the complete Conetastic™ Signature Series.

Instructions for my Finger Bling Ring are available from Interweave.

Swarovski Projects for You

Cubic Cascade

“These feminine, shoulder-skimming earrings create an optical illusion that elongates the neck. The ombré crystal beads graduate from intense cobalt and shimmering sapphire to gleaming gold and sparkling iridescence.” - Swarovski Click to view and download the project.

“This gloriously regal brooch, with its stunning Cabochon swan cameo, has a retro feel that reprises all the glamour of a 19th-century salon.” - Swarovski Click to view and download the project.

Dreamy Opulence
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